Here is Red the African frog's house.
You're welcome to visit and play in Red's house. Explore the different activities by clicking on objects you see in the room.
  • Click on the space poster on the wall to help the Astronaut explore space. Learn about outer space and our solar system.
  • Click the globe on the shelf to help Red explore the world.
  • Not all creatures sleep at night. Let's turn off the light to discover some noctural animals.
  • Unscramble the slide puzzle on the shelf by sliding the pieces. This one might tease your brain! Oh don't forget to check out the jigsaw puzzle game. It's fun!
  • If you want to read a story, pick a book on the shelf.
  • Click on the math blocks on the shelf and let's do some math.
  • Red likes to fold Origami, do you? If you do, click on the origami crane on the rock and fold an origami with him.

    Have fun!