--   Head   --  
  --   Body  --  
  --   Feet   --  
Most of the clothes graphics and stationery idea were created by Loraine Wauer Ferus
  • This game works best under IE4, NS 3.01 and NS4 browsers.
    If your browser doesn't support JavaScript, click here to play dress up with JayZeeBear.
  • Click on the "PRINT" Button to open up a new window which will let you print out a JayZeeBear stationery page (by using your browser's PRINT feature - under FILE menu). Under the IE4 browser, you will be able to see and print a stationery page with the clothes you choose. But under Netscape browser, you will see JayZeeBear with his new clothes, but when you print it out, only his blue favorite clothes will be printed.
  • Here are more stationery pages for you to print out.
  • Here are more coloring pages for you to print out and take with you.