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  • Julie Tonnu
  • Develop and maintain JayZeeBear website.
  • Karl Hörnell
  • Original JayZeeBear, Red frog character image design. Game developer, graphic designer
  • Martine Gaudissart
  • JayZeeBear character image design. Original Tito the turtle character design. 2D/3D artist.
  • Ann Petersen
  • Background artist for all the beautiful backgrounds in the Green Forest. Original Dreamer the baby blue bird character design.
  • Alfonso Sanchez Jimenez
  • ConKee the monkey original character design, 2D artist.
  • Dallas Jones
  • Story and song writer. Database programmer.
  • Chris Chien
  • Animator and touch up artist.

        Special thanks to: Axel, Diana, Carl Dougan for your encouragement and support.

    * Color book applet *
    Julie Tonnu - May 1997

          Gamelan        Digital cat     
    %5      Bonus
    Central Ecard      May Mojoe97       

    Many thanks to:

    for many fun ideas, valuable suggestions, design and draw the color book layout and a very cool fishing fog :=)

    * Jigsaw Puzzle *
    Julie Tonnu - June 1997        %5

    * Event Calendar *
    Julie Tonnu - July 1997


    Special thanks to:

    * Ted Bogart for your valuable suggestion on designing the the calendar, and thanks Trang for caring and fun advice.

    * Steven Chan for your fun idea and support.

    * Memory Concentration - Space applet *
    December 1997, November 1998

    Many thanks to:

    * Karl Hörnell for your original java source code and support.

    * Dallas Jones: for your bright idea and information about space!

    * World Map *
    Julie Tonnu - March 1998

    Information for this map are based on and World Atlas -

    * Dress me up! *(Javascript)
    * Dress me up! *(Java applet)
    Julie Tonnu - March 1998

    Many thanks to:

    * Loraine Wauer Ferus at for drawing many cute outfits for JayZeeBear (boxer short, sherif, doctor, gym, hunting, fireman, baseball and daddy outfits) and the idea of making stationery page.
    Thanks Loraine!

    * Talking Clock applet*
    Julie Tonnu - May 1998


    Special thanks to:

    * Karl Hörnell for designing the fun clock face and suport.

    * Dallas Jones for recording the clock audio and support.

    * Carl and Diana for your valuable suggestion and support.

    * Kitchen *

    Spcial thanks to:

    * Diana for the playdough recipe and fun suggestion.

    * Bath time
    Pop the bubbles *

    September 1998

    Spcial thanks to:

    * Karl Hörnell for algorithm to creating beautiful foam and bubbles effects.

    * Clean our hand *
    December 1998

    Spcial thanks to:

    * Karl Hörnell for creating a beautiful magnifier applet.

    * Capture the Bees *

    Programming and Design by: Dallas Jones

    * Comic Story Applet *
    December 1998 - Julie Tonnu - May 1998

    * Story by:Dallas Jones
    * Illustrated by:Alfonso Sanchez Jimenez
    * Special thanks to Chris Chien for late nights coloring the page.

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